A Few Kids Ransacked His Halloween Candy Bowl, And He Caught Footage Of It On His Doorbell Camera, So He Took Screenshots And Posted Photos Of The Kids On A Neighborhood Facebook Group To Shame Them

Steve Cukrov - - illustrative purposes only

One of the most difficult choices to make on Halloween is whether or not to just leave a bowl of candy outside.

For some people, constantly getting up to answer the door for trick-or-treaters– or simply being tied to their house on an evening of festivities– just isn’t worth it.

But, for others, the thought of a few mischievous kids ransacking their candy supply is just too frustrating, especially in the current economy, with Halloween sweets costing so much.

This man was recently confronted with the same age-old debacle this past Halloween, too. And since he and his wife have a few young kids who wanted to go trick-or-treating, he couldn’t just stand around handing out candy all night.

“So we put out a big bucket full of candy on the front porch with a sign that said, ‘Please take one or two,'” he recalled.

Now, he realized that some kids wouldn’t obey the sign and instead take a handful– which he didn’t think was a huge deal.

However, upon returning home later that evening, he realized that he’d gone through “an ungodly amount of candy.” And since he had a doorbell camera, he decided to check the footage to see what had happened.

To his surprise, there were three instances when kids just took a ton of candy from his bucket.

“And, in one case, just dumped the entire bucket in their bag,” he revealed.

Steve Cukrov – – illustrative purposes only

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