A Man Grabbed Her And Pinned Her Down While She Was Relaxing In A Field Behind Her House, And Her Screams For Help Were The Only Thing That Saved Her Life

MIND AND I - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

In 2020, this woman was 18 years old and lived in a pretty safe town.

However, the country she’s from has a lot of crime.

Tragically, her father passed away in early 2020.

She was an only child, so after her father died, it was just her and her mother living in their home.

During this time, Covid lockdowns were being enforced, but some protocols were slowly being lifted, so employees were going back to work in person.

There was an empty field centered between her house and some train tracks where she was able to find some peace and solitude whenever she needed to get some fresh air.

Once each day, she would sit in the field while she smoked one or two cigarettes, and once in a while, she’d have a picnic.

Since the loss of her father was painful and difficult, she needed a place to get away. But because of the lockdowns due to the pandemic, this field was her only option.

One day, she was in the field, smoking as usual.

MIND AND I – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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