Are You Dreading Thanksgiving Just Because You’ll Have To See Some Less Than Favorable Family Members? Here’s How You Can Deal With Those Difficult Loved Ones, Cocktails Included

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Well, everyone, the holiday season is upon us. You know what that means, right?

It means we’ll all likely be spending a lot more time with family, even those family members we tend to have, you know, issues with. 

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where, for some reason, everyone just loves to find opportunities to pick on each other! Whether it’s your grandmother commenting on your weight or your uncle making you feel dumb because of your political beliefs, jabs from family members at Thanksgiving are tough to deal with. 

Once you start feeling attacked by certain relatives or have to watch two relatives get into a debate at the Thanksgiving table, you start feeling a little less thankful and want to reach for more adult beverages. 

If you’re starting to get anxious about dealing with rude relatives or family friends during Thanksgiving, try not to let it get the best of you. It’s supposed to be a holiday filled with fun and yummy food. Here are some tips on dealing with difficult relatives during the holidays to get you through Turkey Day!

Take breaks

If you feel there are moments during your family’s Thanksgiving celebration where you need to simply step away and have some time to yourself, do it!

Those who celebrate the holiday with larger groups of people should have an especially easy time doing this, as everyone else will be so preoccupied it may take them a while to notice you’ve stepped out for a few minutes.

Go for a little walk between courses, offer to let the dog outside or take the trash out, or simply take an extended bathroom break to clear your head whenever necessary. Sometimes, the easiest way to diffuse your anger or frustration with a nasty relative is to have a moment alone to breathe.

Freepik – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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