He Doesn’t Want To Give His Younger Daughter’s Future Wedding Fund To His Older Daughter For Her House Deposit Because His Oldest Lives Above Her Means And Doesn’t Manage Money Well

“On the other hand, Lily and her boyfriend have almost doubled the original amount saved and never seem to have any issues with money, whilst we constantly seem to be helping out Rose,” he explained.

“Both girls are looking at buying houses. Lily and her boyfriend have been approved for a lovely house with a 25% deposit.”

An offer that Rose and her husband put in on a house was also accepted.

However, when they did the math, they realized that the costs related to commuting and sending Poppy to daycare because they would be moving further away equated to the cost of what their mortgage would be.

Their mortgage payment also wouldn’t be what they’d been hoping for, and they could only afford to put a 5% deposit down on the house.

Rose informed Lily of all of this, and she questioned her about how she and her boyfriend had their offer approved on a larger house when they were a younger couple because it surprised her.

In response, Lily broke down her and her boyfriend’s combined income, as well as how much their deposit was.

“Rose broke down a little. She asked how much we had given Lily, and we told her nothing extra. That night, my wife and I were talking, and she said she didn’t realize how badly Rose was financially and how well Lily was doing,” he shared.

He and his wife paid for Rose and her husband’s wedding, and they already extended the same offer to Lily and her boyfriend, but she rejected their offer, telling them that she didn’t need or want their money.

Even though Lily hasn’t accepted their offer to fund her future wedding, he wants to keep this money set aside just in case she one day changes her mind.

But his wife told him that she thinks they should give this money to Rose instead.

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