He Watched A Girl On A First Date Get Accused Of Being A Gold Digger Just Because She Wanted To Head Home After The Guy Paid The Bill

All king of people - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It’s no secret that some people approach dating with a transactional mindset. When on dates, they might go out of their way to be nice or generous just to try to get something from the other person. Men, in particular, often choose to pay on dates to increase the likelihood of a hookup happening.

TikToker Misha (@dontcrossagaymannv) is discussing a scene he observed recently where a guy got upset with a girl after their first date because she didn’t want to continue the date elsewhere.

He was sitting outside on a patio at a restaurant, enjoying his lunch, when he noticed a guy and a girl arguing as they walked out of the front doors of the building.

Apparently, they had just been on a first date. The girl was yelling at the guy for calling her a gold digger even though he still lived with his mother.

In response, he accused her of being greedy because she had wanted to leave as soon as he had paid the bill and then went on to generalize all women as money-hungry. The girl threw her bag of leftover food at him and stormed off. He picked up the bag, walked away, and that was the end of it.

In his video, Misha used the situation he had witnessed to launch into a discussion about how men tend to look at dates as something that is transactional.

He pointed out that the guy in this situation had walked into the date thinking that he deserved something from the girl just because he had bought her lunch.

“My dude, you did not buy that meal for her because she was hungry,” he said. “You bought that meal for her because you view her as a product.”

“So instead of asking a woman on a date and then listening to her and then digging down into yourself to figure out who you are and sharing pieces of that, you try to buy her.”

All king of people – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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