Her Boyfriend Is Upset After She Told Him He Has To Pay For The Groceries He’s Eating Or He Can’t Come Over

nenetus - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 28-year-old woman was born in America, but she currently lives in Mexico City. She has a boyfriend who is 25, and he was born and raised in Mexico City.

She currently makes money in USD, while her boyfriend earns his salary in pesos. She works more than full-time, as she owns her own business, while her boyfriend works about 12 hours weekly as a special educator.

So, she essentially earns 9 times what her boyfriend does, and although he would like to get married to her, she is starting to see some red flags regarding money.

“Literally, since our very first date, I had found myself footing the bill for 90% of things,” she explained.

“If we’re together and we’re getting something to eat, I pay. If we need to take an Uber, I pay. I was living with my parents in the north of the country, and if he wanted to see me, I bought him coach bus tickets to come see me.”

“Over the course of our relationship, I feel like I’ve spent several thousand dollars on him, which, honestly, I’ve never counted. It’s just that It’s very much been me supporting him as opposed to the converse, and I honestly can’t say I’ve been in a position to support another person in the first place.”

Now, she really hasn’t thought about this a lot, as they come from different situations in life, and she does have more money than he does.

However, she’s been thinking more about their financial situations, and she’s come to the conclusion that she would really like her boyfriend to contribute more financially.

He’s kind of just an expense in her life right now, and she would like that to change. She would also like him to step up to the plate and show her that he does have a work ethic, which she’s beginning to doubt.

nenetus – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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