Her Doctor Told Her That She Just Needed To Lose Weight When She Brought Up Her Health Issues, And Finally, She Was Diagnosed With Sleep Apnea

When winter rolled around, the excessive fatigue only grew worse. She went to the doctor again and insisted that they test her for “mono,” or infectious mononucleosis.

The test results came back negative, and the doctor chalked her symptoms up to seasonal changes.

In the summer, Sam visited her obstetrician-gynecologist and brought up how she felt really tired. Her OB-GYN attributed it to the fact that she was just getting older. Since then, Sam’s tiredness had never gone away.

Eventually, she went to see her original doctor again for a primary care checkup. Throughout the whole appointment, he emphasized the need for her to lose weight.

She tried to talk to him about her migraines and how she was training to run a half marathon, but all he cared about was her weight loss.

She decided never to go back to that doctor again. In the spring, she scheduled a visit with a new primary care doctor because the exhaustion had begun to affect her ability to work.

When she walked into the appointment, she immediately stated that she did not want to discuss her weight and described the fatigue she had been experiencing. Her new doctor signed her up for a sleep study right away.

After doing the sleep study, Sam found out that her excessive sleepiness had nothing to do with paranoia or being overweight.

It turned out that she had sleep apnea. Her body was not resting, and she was waking up around 80 times a night.

She added that her sleep apnea hadn’t just come about in the past two years. She has been dating her boyfriend for almost ten years, and during that time, he has collected countless photos of her napping.

She had been 115 pounds when that was happening, which proved her exhaustion had nothing to do with weight.

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