Located In Northern India, Parvati Valley May Be Known For Its Gorgeous Views, But It Has Also Gained A Reputation For Being The Site Of Multiple Strange Disappearances

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Many of us know that, unfortunately, even some of the most beautiful places in the world can be dangerous.

The Parvati Valley in northern India is one of those places, with its gorgeous atmosphere and views yet reputation for being the site of numerous mysterious disappearances.

Named after the Hindu goddess of harmony and love, the Parvati Valley is located in the Western Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh. There, you can find the Pin Parvati Pass and Parvati River, as well as a variety of breathtaking glaciers, hot springs, and peaks.

Many tourists take trips to the Parvati Valley in hopes of having a spiritual or even psychedelic experience.

After the 1970s, the area became a popular site for growing and taking illegal drugs. Hash and poppy plantations are secretly scattered throughout the valley and attract a lot of Western tourists.

The bigger the number of tourists in Parvati Valley, the more disappearances occurred. There have also been patterns of those who have disappeared in the Parvati Valley, as many of them have been adventurous men backpacking through the region in their 20s and 30s.

Since 2003, it is estimated that over 20 tourists have gone missing from Parvati Valley. One of the most famous stories is that of Justin Alexander Shetler, a 35-year-old American man who went missing after quitting his job and traveling to the valley to live off-grid.

During his journey in 2016, Justin posted on Instagram about how he would be continuing his journey with a sādhu, otherwise known as a holy man, and would eventually cut contact with everyone in his life.

After Justin never returned home from his adventures, police found his belongings near the Parvati River, and he hasn’t been seen since.

Photo 290480901 © Saiko3p – – illustrative purposes only

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