She Adjusted The Age Range On Hinge To Only Get Matched With Older Men And Is Sharing Hilarious Responses To The Dating App’s Voice Prompts From “Golden Bachelors”

Photo 90799419 © Gyorgy - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When making a dating profile on Hinge, it’s important to show off your interests and personality. Hinge prompts encourage people to express themselves in various ways. These interview-like questions can serve as conversation starters and help you connect with others who have similar values.

I have to say, one of the best things about Hinge is how creative people can get with their responses. Some are more serious, while others are just plain silly and downright hilarious!

TikToker Amargo Rose (@a.rose95) adjusted the age range settings on her Hinge account to show her potential matches with men between 60 and 100-years-old. After swiping through their dating profiles, she was instantly amused by the audio answers the men had recorded in response to the app’s prompts.

So, she shared a compilation of responses in a viral video that has gained 6.9 million views. She has titled the series “The Golden Bachelors: Unhinged.”

The video began with one man named Morris finishing a prompt about knowing the best spot in town for something. He stated in a monotone voice, “Fish tacos.”

Next was James’s response to, “My BFF’s take on why you should date me.” He began by wishing his matches a “G day,” explaining that “G” stands for “good.” However, he never got around to answering the prompt, as the audio cut off after that.

Then, there was John, who responded to the “My simple pleasures” prompt with, “I love to please my partner in every way possible.”

In another instance, someone named Buck said, “Hi, my name is Buck, and you know what I like to do,” implying that his favorite ice-breaking activity rhymed with his name.

A man named Bill answered “The key to my heart” prompt with something pretty wholesome. He said, “Just be you. I won’t try to change you because that’s not my job. If you want to change, you change. I will accept you just the way you are.”

Photo 90799419 © Gyorgy – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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