She Submitted A Complaint About Her Daughter’s Preschool Teacher Because They Put Up Signs About Labeling Items And Not Sending Sick Kids To School That She Thought Were Really Snarky

fizkes - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This woman has a 3-year-old daughter who just started preschool. But, she doesn’t like one of her daughter’s young teachers, who is apparently so “honest” that certain comments come off as pretty rude.

Her dislike of the teacher all began when she had to stop letting her daughter bring toys to school since the items would always get lost, and the teacher was “no help” tracking them down.

For instance, her daughter once decided to bring a Lego creation to school to show some friends, but by the end of the school day, the toy was missing.

“I asked the teacher where it was, and she didn’t know. I asked the teacher to look for it, and she said that there’s no way she would be able to tell our Legos from theirs and that my daughter would not be getting any Legos back,” she recalled.

On another occasion, she sent her daughter to school with a sticker on her shirt. But, at pick-up, her daughter was crying since the sticker had apparently fallen off.

At that point, she asked the teacher to help look for the sticker, but the teacher refused.

“I will not be tearing apart my classroom and playground to find a sticker that fell off four hours ago,” the teacher responded.

Not to mention, other, more crucial items get lost, too. In fact, other children have actually gone home with her daughter’s jacket before. And it’s taken a full week to get back the coat.

More recently, though, she’s taken issue with more than just missing items. Instead, she’s annoyed about two signs that her daughter’s teacher taped up in the classroom.

fizkes – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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