A Guy Requested $20 From Her On Venmo Several Hours After Their Date Ended

Julia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

In recent years, a new dating trend has arisen regarding money requests. Apparently, more men are getting into the habit of asking women to reimburse them if a first date doesn’t go anywhere.

TikToker Kate (@8kateee) is spilling the details about the worst dating experience she’s ever had, where a guy requested $20 from her on Venmo several hours after their date ended.

In 2020, she lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a city she was not a huge fan of. So, when a guy from Chicago messaged her, she saw it as the perfect opportunity to leave Milwaukee just for a day. The plan was for her to drive to Chicago in the morning, hang out with him, and return home in the afternoon.

For their date, he decided that they would ride bikes on the lakefront. During their bike ride, he fell off his bike twice.

She was confused as to why he had planned a date that centered around bikes when he clearly didn’t know how to ride one.

They also hung out at his pool, and later, they got dinner and drinks. They were having a great time, but after dinner, it was starting to get pretty late.

So, she told him she needed to grab her stuff from his apartment and asked if he could walk her back to the parking garage where she had parked her car.

He begged her to stay and watch one episode of a TV show with him. She declined and reminded him that she had to drive all the way back to Wisconsin. Still, he wouldn’t let up, which made her uncomfortable.

When she got home, she told him over text that his insistence on her staying at his apartment on a first date made her uncomfortable.

Julia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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