After The Buyer Of Her Home Missed The Closing Deadline, She Kept His $50,000, And He Was Furious

Once the buyer found out about this, he was seriously infuriated, too. According to her, he threw a big fit since he “lost fifty grand.”

“But why should I incur losses for his failure with so much money on the line?” she vented.

Apparently, her agent also agreed that she had a legal right to keep the $50,000 after the buyer failed to close.

Nonetheless, ever since she went ahead with enforcing the terms of their purchase agreement, she hasn’t been able to stop wondering if keeping the buyer’s $50,000 was really the right thing to do.

Can you understand why the buyer was so upset about losing so much money? At the same time, wasn’t she legally entitled to keep the funds? What would you have done in this tough situation?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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