Eggnog Nails Are The Dreamiest Manicure Trend This Holiday Season

Start by giving your nails a good manicure. Be sure to trim, file, and buff your nails to your desired shape and smoothness.

Don’t forget to push back those cuticles for a neat nail bed, either. Then, a clear base coat is essential to protect your nails and ensure a lasting finish.

Choosing The Right Shades And Tools

The real key to nailing this trend (pun intended) is choosing the right shades.

You can opt for a creamy beige or a soft, off-white polish as your base. Then, for the speckles, you’ll need brown and gold polishes.

Tools-wise, a thin brush or a toothpick will be your best friend when it comes to creating those delicate speckles.

Applying The Base & Achieving The Eggnog Hue

Begin by applying two coats of your chosen creamy base color, and be sure to allow each coat to dry thoroughly.

This base is what gives the eggnog nail its rich, milky foundation, so ensure it’s even and streak-free. Patience is key here!

Creating The Speckled Effect

Once your base is dry, it’s time for the fun part– adding the “spices!”

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