He Decided To Just Break Up With His Girlfriend Because He Proposed To Her Twice Over The Past Year, And She Rejected Him Both Times

But, rather than getting back together after the break, he instead just broke up with his girlfriend for good.

Since then, he has confided in some of his and his girlfriend’s mutual friends about the situation, and most of them agree that he made the wrong decision.

In fact, some of them claimed that it was just too soon for either him or his girlfriend to decide that they were ready for marriage.

“And they think I shouldn’t just leave her because of this, and it’s very childish of me,” he said.

He has tried to talk to his parents about his relationship, too. However, they apparently refuse to provide him with any advice on the situation.

In hindsight, he realizes that the decision to end his relationship was an impulsive move. And he does honestly feel very bad about that.

“But, at the same time, I do not want to be hurt again,” he vented.

So, all of these conflicting feelings have pushed him to wonder if breaking up with his girlfriend because she rejected his proposal on two different occasions was really the wrong thing to do or not.

How would you feel if you got down on one knee and proposed twice, only to get rejected both times? Can you understand why he’s afraid to stay with his girlfriend after that? At the same time, do you think he did ask to get married too soon or not? What should he do in this situation?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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