He Finally Asked For A Divorce Because His Wife Started Talking To Another Guy And Then Even Went To Stay With Him In Seattle

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This man is in the process of divorcing his wife, Rachel. While in high school, Rachel dated someone named Paul. They eventually broke up, lost touch as the years went on, and have now gotten back in contact.

Before he and Rachel met, she and Paul had talks here and there about getting back together. However, it didn’t work out that way, and Rachel and Paul remained friends instead.

At first, he didn’t have a problem with his wife being friends with Paul. Over the course of their relationship, they had established trust in one another. He never felt like he should be concerned about anything Rachel was doing.

Rachel and Paul communicate almost exclusively through Snapchat. They talk every single day on the app.

“One time, when their streak got wiped, Rachel contacted Snapchat to have it reinstated. I swear that Paul receives more selfies from Rachel in a week than I would in an entire year,” he said.

Rachel has never understood why talking to Paul constantly on Snapchat is a big deal. But if a woman even just looks his way, Rachel gets mad, and he has to talk her through it to make her feel better.

About a month ago, he let Rachel know that her friendship with Paul was starting to make him envious and concerned that he wasn’t important to her.

After a couple of days, Rachel had a talk with him, explaining that she deeply loves him and she does view him as important in her life.

Rachel continued and let him know that she had canceled brunch with Paul so that the two of them could hang out together.

Janisphoto – – illustrative purposes only

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