He Finally Got To Tie The Knot After Beating Cancer, But His Sister Ruined His Big Day With A Sour Attitude And Claimed That He Didn’t Give Her Enough Special Treatment

Tinashe N/ - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

As much as many of us would love to host the “perfect wedding,” it can be hard to please every one of your guests, especially when they have to travel to make your wedding.

However, you’d hope that no matter what complications arise, your closest friends and family will be happy for you on your wedding day no matter what.

One man finally got married after recovering from cancer, but unfortunately, his sister made a fuss about her accommodations for his wedding, and caused drama.

He’s 34-years-old and was finally able to get married after battling cancer for the second time in his life and delaying the date due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We had a big wedding with most of our friends and family,” he explained.

“I live in Scotland, my family are from England, [and] my wife’s family is Scottish. My dad stays in Ireland, and my sister stays in Dubai. We had our wedding near the Scottish-English border.”

They decided to have their wedding in that area as it was in the middle of each of their family’s locations. His sister, however, had to fly in from Dubai. Although his sister is well-off, his aunt paid for her plane fare as a gift to him so his family could be together on his special day.

Unfortunately, his sister had a poor attitude in the days leading up to and on his wedding day. A month before the wedding, she told him he should be grateful that she was traveling for him and acted very entitled.

She then began demanding that she stay in his mom’s room at their wedding venue, which was a difficult request, as his mom had offered to take care of his two kids on his wedding night, and they don’t know his sister very well. However, he bent over backwards to switch the room situation and get his mother-in-law to watch his kids instead.

Tinashe N/ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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