He Met A Woman On A Dating App, And It Didn’t Work Out, But He Really Hit It Off With Her Ex-Husband And Son, And She Accused Him Of Being A “Sicko” For Getting Involved With Her Family

rilueda - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This guy recently matched with a woman on a dating app who was newly divorced and had a 19-year-old son. So, they decided to meet up last weekend, and she told him that her ex-husband had their son for the weekend.

Anyway, he and the woman had a nice time together, and when they woke up on Sunday morning, she went to grab breakfast for them at a local cafe.

So, he stayed back, waiting at her house, and her ex-husband and son wound up returning home.

He immediately hit it off with the woman’s ex-husband, too, and thought both the guy and his son were really cool.

They bonded over being big fans of Manchester United. He also found out that the ex-husband had been trying to buy tickets for a really long time, but it was practically impossible to score some seats at a game.

“So, I took the dad’s number and told him I would try to sort him out because I’m a season ticket holder,” he recalled.

After that, the woman returned, and she didn’t seem to care that he and her ex were chatting together.

However, the very next day, she wound up texting him and claiming that, while she had a nice time, she didn’t think they were compatible for a relationship.

He completely understood that, too. But he still remained in contact with the woman’s ex-husband.

rilueda – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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