He Only Got Married This Year But Is Already Considering Getting Divorced Because Of Family Drama And His Wife’s Mental Health Issues

eduard - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

In May, this 30-year-old man married a wonderful woman, 27. Prior to the wedding, they dated for a year, and their relationship was great.

During the months leading up to their marriage, he took care of his wife while she was recovering from a serious surgery. He made sure to keep her family updated on her health as she healed.

Their relationship before the wedding went smoothly, and her family seemed to really like him. Her family approved of the two of them getting married.

During the wedding reception, one of his wife’s family members was incredibly intoxicated and, out of nowhere, started screaming at him for supposedly not trying enough to get to know her.

But because his wife didn’t seem too close to this family member or talk about her too often, he didn’t think he needed to establish a close relationship with this particular family member.

In response to this mistreatment, he told this wedding guest that her behavior was inappropriate, and he walked away from her.

“As it was one of her family’s guests, I hoped for or expected some apology from her family and from the guest to not only myself but my family (the wedding was at our venue) for the embarrassment. They scoffed at this idea,” he said.

He was hurt that none of her family thought he or his family deserved an apology, especially since he did so much to develop relationships with them and was hoping to become an important part of their family. In his view, he’d put in a lot of effort to prove that he would be a great husband to his wife.

“Meanwhile, I realize my wife has some sort of undiagnosed personality issue (mood swings, violence toward me, inability to regulate emotions) and is undergoing treatment for a personality disorder. I’m sympathetic and have tried to be supportive through it, but it has undeniably added a level of complexity and reduced trust between myself and her,” he explained.

eduard – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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