He Wouldn’t Give Up His Seat On A Flight For A Pregnant Woman, But His Family Believes He Should’ve Just Switched

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man recently took a five-hour flight to visit his family for the holidays, and prior to his trip, he specifically paid extra to get an aisle seat in the second to last row.

“Because I have medical issues that sometimes require quick access to the bathroom,” he said.

Well, right before he went to board his flight, a woman approached him and asked if he’d be willing to give up his seat. That way, she could sit next to the bathroom.

According to him, the woman was pregnant but didn’t appear to be distressed. So, while he felt bad for her, he didn’t think he was obligated to help her out.

“As someone with a medical condition, I did not feel it was fair to demand I move from the seat I planned for and paid for, especially since she apparently had not booked an aisle seat for herself in advance,” he explained.

Regardless, the pregnant woman wound up insisting that he needed to move seats, and the flight attendants wouldn’t get involved to help mediate the situation.

There weren’t many other options for a compromise, either, since there were no nearby seats or aisle seats available on the flight– which was already full.

So, he ultimately just told the woman that, in the future, she should speak to her doctor about getting accommodations if sitting far away from the bathroom is not “medically advisable” for her. Then, he stayed put and refused to give up his seat.

After that awkward situation unfolded, he also filled his family in on what happened. But, to his surprise, they actually agreed with the woman– claiming he should’ve “inconvenienced himself” and handed over his seat for her.

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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