Her Boyfriend Dumped Her On Christmas After Saying He’s Falling Out Of Love With Her

There was no reciprocating on his end, and he would easily go a week without seeing her. She decided to conduct a test, and she stopped texting him for several days to see what would happen.

She was surprised when her boyfriend didn’t send her a message or call her, so she asked him what was going on.

He told her quite calmly that he believed he was falling out of love with her. She pressed him for an answer as to why that was happening, and he said he figured she deserved better.

Several more months went by, and she thought his being more distant had to just be a phase he was going through, as she witnessed him pulling back more and more.

She saw that he put more time, energy, and attention into other people and things; at her expense. She started to panic and realized she needed to work on herself.

She even began bringing up marriage with her boyfriend, as she was afraid he was going to leave her.

Sadly, when she said this, he informed her that he wasn’t sure he still wanted to get married to her at all before requesting some space from her.

In the next several weeks following that conversation, her boyfriend didn’t text her or call her. An entire month went by, and she reached out to him.

“He’s never been the same again,” she said. “I was crying and asking him not to break up with me. I can be ready for marriage or whatever he wants.”

“He just shrugged his shoulder and cried he felt that his feelings were slowly fading away. He cried cause he doesn’t know how to stop it, and he doesn’t want to give up on me, but he’s not really happy anymore. I told him I’ll make it up to him.”

“I’ve been more expressive, and almost feels like I went back on track. I thought [we were] getting better and that we overcome those obstacles. He didn’t celebrate Christmas Eve with me as we normally do. He went to my parent’s house on Christmas Day where I was celebrating…[and] he broke up with me.”

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