Her Boyfriend’s Parents Requested A Paternity Test On Her Newborn, And He Agreed Behind Her Back

However, after the visit was over, she confronted her boyfriend and told him how incredibly disrespected that made her feel. Rather than understanding her reaction, though, her boyfriend just started an argument and tried to defend his actions.

“He told me it wasn’t a big deal if it was his and that the test was requested for by them [his parents] to ease their uncertainty,” she recalled.

Well, she wound up having lunch with her mom yesterday, and while they were eating, she began talking and venting about the entire paternity test incident. The whole situation made her mom pretty furious, too.

Her mom actually called her boyfriend a few choice names for even implying that she would have cheated on him. Plus, her mom told her grandparents!

“Who, in a rage, told my boyfriend they would no longer accept him in their house for disrespecting me in such a way when the child is practically his twin,” she explained.

This only started another big argument between her and her boyfriend, too. And now, he’s furious that she “ruined his image” with her family.

So, ever since, she’s been left wondering if telling her family the truth about how her boyfriend and his family wanted a paternity test was really the wrong thing to do or not.

How would you feel if your boyfriend went behind your back and agreed to a paternity test for his parents? Did she have a right to be upset? Since her boyfriend’s family knew about the test, wasn’t it fair game to tell her own family? How should she handle this sticky situation?

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