Her Ex-Husband Began Secretly Seeing His Coworker, So Now She Won’t Interact With His New Partner As They Navigate Co-Parenting

wavebreak3 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman and her now ex-husband were married for 12 years and together for over 15 years total.

After five years of suffering through miscarriages, they had a child together in 2020.

Not long before their child turned 2-years-old, her then-husband ended the marriage out of nowhere, rejecting the idea of going to couples therapy to try to resolve their problems before considering divorce.

Even though she was stunned that he wanted to divorce what seemed completely out of the blue, their relationship wasn’t without conflict.

Her main concerns throughout their marriage related to the distribution of labor with housework, and she didn’t think her husband had a healthy balance between his job and being home with their family.

She was often irritated, stressed, and angry with the fact that her husband didn’t help her enough at home, but she never saw a divorce coming, especially since they’d spent years trying to have a baby.

Several months after the breakup, she discovered that her ex was hiding a romantic relationship he and a co-worker were engaged in.

For the last six to 9 months leading up to the divorce, she was suspicious about this co-worker in particular.

“Back then, he’d tell me I was crazy and projecting. Told me to go back on my postpartum depression meds (which I did think I was losing my mind for a while there). Until I confronted him post-separation with hard proof, he claimed to barely know this co-worker,” she said.

wavebreak3 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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