Her Father Gave Her Money For Her Wedding Then Asked For It All Back When She Decided To Downsize Her Big Day

shchus - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Many people have different stances on who should pay for a wedding, whether it’s the father of the bride, grandparents, or the bride and groom themselves. But can you imagine how it would feel if your dad gave you a significant contribution to your wedding but then asked for it back once you made some changes?

One woman recently decided to downsize her wedding, which her father gave her a lot of money for, assuming it would be a large ceremony. Now that it’ll be more low-key, he wants his money back.

She’s 32 and getting married to her 30-year-old fiancé. Originally, they wanted to have a big wedding next year, and her dad stepped in and gave them some money to put towards it.

But after further consideration, she and her fiancé realized a big wedding would be too much of a financial burden, even with her dad’s contribution, so they changed their minds.

Instead of a big traditional wedding, she and her fiancé will have a small ceremony with their closest friends and family and then go out with everyone for a celebratory dinner afterward. However, now that she’s having a smaller wedding, her dad wants his money back.

“My father has never believed in spending lots of money on a wedding, which I respect,” she said.

“I also understand that nobody is obligated or expected to give us money towards a wedding. So, we were really grateful for my father’s generosity, and we were still planning on using that money to get married and throw a celebratory dinner with our closest family.”

Growing up, her dad had always been stingy with money, even though he didn’t have to be. He lives in a nice big house that’s paid off, and only one more kid lives under his roof.

Because her parents divorced while she was young, her siblings have strained relationships with her dad. However, she’s his eldest daughter and has always kept things amicable with him. 

shchus – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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