Her Friend Is Upset That She Couldn’t Afford To Put Her In A Luxury Hotel At Her Destination Wedding

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Can you imagine saving for years to plan a destination wedding and putting in extra work to cover your guests’ accommodations in a nice hotel, only for them to give you grief because they wanted to be in a luxury hotel?

One woman’s friend is upset with her because she could only afford to put her in a four-star hotel instead of a luxury hotel for her destination wedding.

One woman and her fiancé are in their early 30s and have saved up for years to have a destination wedding in Italy. Because they knew it would be a costly trip for all involved, they decided to keep their guest list small and offered to pay for everyone’s hotel stay.

“I met up with one of my friends, Kara, for dinner and verbally invited her,” she recalled.

“I mentioned that everything is still in the early stage of planning and that we haven’t even come to a final decision about the venue yet. I told her we really wanted to do it at Villa Como. I also told her that since only a small number of guests will come, we wanted to do something nice for our guests and provide a hotel stay for everyone the night of the wedding.”

Kara thought her gesture was quite nice and thanked her, acknowledging that most brides and grooms don’t pay for their guests’ accommodations. 

However, as the planning process progressed, she and her fiancé’s guestlist unexpectedly tripled in size, and they realized they’d have to place their guests in a different hotel, as it would cost them more than $30,000 to put them up in Villa Como. She ended up finding a four-star hotel to put everyone in instead.

“Granted, it is not as luxurious as Villa Como, but it has decent amenities like pools, jacuzzis, and an inclusive Italian breakfast spread,” she explained.

“We decided to use the rooms we’ve booked at Villa Como for close family members like our parents, siblings, and grandparents. When I hung out with Kara again, I showed her the hotel that we booked and told her that we’ll be chartering cars with drivers to take care of everyone’s transportation.”

neirfy – – illustrative purposes only

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