Her Friend Was Ghosted By Her Boyfriend After They Made Plans To Move In Together, Leaving Her Homeless

Tierney - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Getting ghosted, in general, is an abhorrent experience. Ghosting usually occurs after a few months of talking to someone when the relationship has not had time to develop fully.

But can you imagine being ghosted after a year-long relationship? That’s just disgraceful, especially considering all the hours and feelings invested during that period.

TikToker Taye (@taye_taye_) is telling a story about how her friend was ghosted by a guy she had been dating for a year after they had made plans to move in together.

So, her friend had been seeing this guy for nearly a year. She had met his parents and introduced him to her friends, so things were pretty serious.

However, they had never really defined their relationship with a specific label or talked about what they were to each other. Still, it was clear they were dating.

Taye’s friend did some traveling in Europe for two months. Before she left, she had planned to move in with her boyfriend when she returned to Australia. The details were all sorted out, and she had discussed it with his parents. She moved all her stuff out of her place and stored it at her parent’s house while she traveled.

While in Europe, she noticed that he seemed a little withdrawn, but it was hard to tell through text messages, not to mention the time difference.

When she got back to Australia, there were still a couple of weeks left before she would be moving into his place. He still wasn’t replying to her much, and he didn’t seem very enthusiastic when he did respond.

She was confused and kept trying to ask him what was wrong. When the day came for her to move in with him, she drove down to his place. She called him multiple times, but he never picked up his phone. He had basically just ghosted her!

Tierney – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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