Her Husband Left Her, And When She Tried To Sell Her Engagement Ring Online, She Got A Lot Of Sweet Messages From Guys Who Wanted To Take Her Out Instead

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Some women make the difficult decision to sell their wedding or engagement rings after getting a divorce or losing their husbands.

One TikTok creator recently decided to sell her engagement ring after her husband left her but seemingly got more date invites than buyers’ offers.

Camille (@camille.fahrnbauer) is an ICU nurse and TikTok creator in Salt Lake City. She recently went viral after sharing some of the interesting responses she got after putting her engagement ring up for sale.

After her husband recently left her, Camille decided to sell her gorgeous engagement ring on Facebook Marketplace. Much to her surprise, she ended up getting invited on dates by several charming men who were more interested in her than they were in the ring!

Camille’s viral TikTok video, which includes screenshots of the Facebook messages, has reached over six million views, and people can’t get enough.

One Facebook user named Gonzalo messaged Camille to ask if the ring was still available. When she responded that it was, he had quite the response!

“I really don’t want the ring,” wrote Gonzalo.

“[I’d] rather just use the ring to re-marry you.”

A few other men slid into Camille’s messages to let her know that while they do not need the ring, they’d be very interested in taking her out on a date.

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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