Her Husband Randomly Became Distant At Home And Then Lied About Being At Work One Afternoon, So Now She Is Paranoid That He’s Cheating On Her

“And I was getting worried that maybe something had happened to him,” she explained.

“I searched online for any recent accidents and hoped more than anything not to see his car on the news.”

Not long afterward, though, her husband finally called her back, and she was able to breathe a sigh of relief.

But then, once she knew that her husband was okay, she started to become angry– asking her husband where he was and what he was doing. Well, her husband tried to claim that he was at work, and obviously, that wasn’t the case.

“I felt betrayed since he was obviously lying to me,” she said. “But maybe I was overreacting.”

So, she tried to keep her cool and just tell her husband that she was going to drop off some food for him at work. Yet, he wasn’t okay with that– telling her not to because he wasn’t hungry.

This pushed her to just head back to her car in the parking lot, and while still on the phone with her husband, she started screaming at him and asking him where he had really been.

And to her surprise, her husband just called her “crazy” and said she was accusing him of cheating.

Now, after that, she did start to feel bad– which is why she ended their phone call. Still, ever since her husband brought up cheating, she can’t help but wonder if her husband might actually be cheating on her or if she’s really just being paranoid.

Do you think it’s strange that her husband brought up cheating before she even said that word? Why do you think he started pulling away from her at home and lied about being at work? Should she be paranoid or not?

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