Her Late Mom’s Friend Wanted To Take Her Wedding Dress Shopping, But She Just Can’t Stand The Woman And Doesn’t Even Want Her At The Wedding

Margo Basarab - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Does one of your parents have a close friend you aren’t a fan of? There are many people out there who have found themselves in that situation. It’s not uncommon; after all, we can’t get along with everyone we meet. However, if your parents always want that person around, things can get uncomfortable.

One bride-to-be was recently approached by her late mom’s friend, who told her she’d like to take her wedding dress shopping in honor of her mom. However, she can’t stand her mom’s friend.

She’s 31-years-old and sadly lost her mom a few years ago. Since then, she fell in love and had a baby girl with her partner, whom she’ll marry next year.

She’s been missing her mom greatly through all these milestones and believes she would’ve been an amazing grandmother.

“One of my mom’s friends, Lauren, recently got in touch,” she explained.

“She had heard about my upcoming wedding. She claimed that whilst unwell in the months leading up to her death, my mom had told Lauren that she should take me wedding dress shopping on her behalf if I ever got married one day. Lauren said she was excited to do it.”

Lauren then told her she’d also like to help with other parts of her wedding planning process, like choosing the decorations and flowers. While all of this sounds like a very kind gesture, there’s one big problem. She can’t stand Lauren.

Ever since Lauren’s been in her life, she’s found her rude and overbearing. In the past, Lauren has made harsh comments about all aspects of her life. She’s made rude remarks about her weight, and ever since she became a mom, she’s been nosy and critical about her choices as a parent.

She’s always tried to respond to Lauren’s comments politely, but she tends to feel like a doormat when she’s around her. The idea of Lauren being involved in her wedding planning makes her cringe.

Margo Basarab – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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