Her Mom Has A Mild Strawberry Allergy And Is Upset She’s Putting Them On Her Wedding Cake

shandor_gor - - illustrative purposes only

Next year, this young woman will be getting married, and she knows exactly what she wants for her wedding cake.

She absolutely loves strawberries, and so she wants to have them on her wedding cake.

She’s actually planning on having a wedding cake with four tiers, and the bottom two tiers will be completely different flavors, while the top two tiers will be lemon and strawberry.

Now, her mom has a mild strawberry allergy. What this means is that if her mom happens to eat a piece of the fruit, she ends up with a mild rash and a headache.

Her mom is able to eat food that has come into contact with strawberries without having any kind of reaction.

When her mom found out about her plan to have strawberries on her wedding cake, she completely lost it.

Since then, her mom has been making plenty of passive-aggressive remarks about how she should put on her wedding RSVPs a section for guests to write down what allergies they have.

Her mom has also said to her that she would never dream of serving something to a guest that they would not be able to eat.

“I explained to her that she is more than free to eat the other two cakes, they will be entirely strawberry-free, aren’t even touching the top cake, and more importantly, my mother has diabetes and won’t be eating more than a small slice, to begin with,” she said.

shandor_gor – – illustrative purposes only

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