Her Mom Wants Her To Split Her Inheritance Equally With Her Half-Brother

deagreez - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It’s really sad to see families not come together after losing a relative but split apart due to issues with wills and inheritances. 

One woman is in the middle of family drama after telling her mom she wouldn’t be splitting her late dad’s inheritance with her half-brother, who was absent for most of her childhood.

She’s 32-years-old and has a younger sister who is 21. Her parents divorced when she was younger.

When her dad passed away unexpectedly at 60 last year, he had little arranged in the way of a will or inheritance, but it was made clear that he wanted her to be the sole beneficiary of his pension. After he passed, his estate was automatically passed down to her and her sister.

“My parents’ divorce was very messy, and I don’t think he wanted to leave a chance that my mom would get access to the money,” she explained.

“He didn’t name my half-brother as one of the beneficiaries, which he could have done if he wanted to.”

She has a half-brother who is 40 years old, and they share the same mom. Growing up, her half-brother was hardly around, and he didn’t have a relationship with her dad. He was always quite selfish and was never around to celebrate birthdays and holidays with the family. Her half-brother has had his fair share of financial issues over the years and has been bad with money.

Now that she’s had to assume the responsibility for her dad’s estate and much of his money, her mom has begun pestering her to split those funds with her half-brother. 

However, she’s not really into that idea, considering her dad hardly knew her half-brother, and he struggles with money while she and her sister could really use that money.

deagreez – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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