Her Parents Spent Six Figures On Their DIY Home Addition And Pool, That They’re Heating With Indoor Space Heaters

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This 25-year-old girl’s mom and dad are both 50-years-old. Her parents recently decided to put an addition on their home, and while they were doing this, they created an in-ground pool.

Now, her parents did nearly all of the work for the addition and pool themselves, yet still managed to spend six figures on it.

The addition has no windows, which she finds super strange, but it only gets more bizarre from there.

The only thing her parents didn’t do themselves was the electric and the heating system, which they hired a professional to install, but her parents did not think it made the addition warm enough.

“I went to visit a few weeks ago and had my swimsuit on, and when I entered the room, I saw 4 tiny and cheap-looking space heaters plugged into the walls and placed around a foot from the water,” she explained.

“I immediately left the room and began to freak out about not only the electric shock hazard but the fire hazard because they leave them plugged in and unattended all hours of the day and night.”

“My parents laughed and said the room is on a system that will shut off electricity immediately if something were to occur.”

Here parents and currently severely in debt for their addition and pool, and she’s baffled as to how this came to be such a mess.

Her dad has never installed a pool in his life, let alone her mom, so she can’t understand why they would take something like that on as a DIY project.

oneinchpunch – – illustrative purposes only

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