Her Sister-In-Law Printed The Name She Doesn’t Want For Her Unborn Son On A Christmas Stocking

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Have you ever had a relative get weirdly offended when you decide against the name they’d like for your future child?

For instance, if your mom became super upset because you didn’t want to name your son “Mark” after her father?

One woman was appalled after her sister-in-law printed the name she refused to name her unborn son onto a stocking for their big family Christmas. 

She’s been married to her husband, Todd, for three years and is pregnant with a baby boy. She and Todd also live with his nine-year-old son, who he had with his late wife.

Todd is very close to his sister, Monica. Since Todd’s mom passed away, Monica has become the head figure of his family.

She and Monica typically got along, but she was always concerned about how controlling Monica could be around Todd. Then, everything changed when she announced she was pregnant.

“After we found [out] the gender of the baby, she insisted on [using] the name ‘Tommy,’ but I refused because I already had a name in mind and Todd loves it,” she explained.

“He chose to stay out of the fight, saying maybe we should just let Monica call him Tommy. I refused and asked her to please respect me and the fact that I’m the mom, not her. She said okay.”

Every year, Monica hosts their family for Christmas, and she and Todd were prepared to go to her house for Christmas dinner this year. One of the ways Monica prepares for the holiday is to hang up a stocking for every member of their family. 

Monkey Business – – illustrative purposes only

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