He’s Not Sure He Wants To Marry His Fiancée Anymore, As He’s No Longer Happy Because Of Her Disabled Children

Jacob Lund - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

For more than a year now, this 32-year-old man has been with his 32-year-old fiancée, and he only recently proposed to her.

He says that his fiancée is truly amazing, and they didn’t live together while they were dating, so he really had no idea what a burden her kids are.

His fiancée has two children, who are six and eight, and both of his fiancée’s kids are disabled. The kids have speech impediments and are also autistic.

While he was dating his fiancée, her mom would help her out with the children so they could go out and spend time alone, and he would come over to his fiancée’s home several times a week.

So, he really did have limited exposure to her kids.

“Since the proposal, she has moved to my city, and I find myself around the kids all the time,” he explained.

“I usually love kids, but I find it very difficult to bond with hers. They are very loud, [and] because of their disabilities, they don’t sleep much and are up very early in the morning.”

“The challenges have intensified, especially financially, as their biological father isn’t involved, leaving a significant burden on me. While I want to be supportive and make her happy, I’m struggling with resentment, as these aren’t my kids, and the financial strain is taking a toll on me.”

Don’t get him wrong, he still loves his fiancée with all of his heart, but he is no longer happy in the least.

Jacob Lund – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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