His Girlfriend Kept Badgering Him To Reveal What Friends Of Her’s He Finds Attractive, But After He Finally Picked, She Got Upset

Zamrznuti tonovi - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This guy is currently in a relationship, and recently, his girlfriend returned home after work one day and told him that she and her coworkers had been discussing what celebrities they find most attractive.

At that point, she revealed what celebrities she’d picked. She also asked him what famous people he found appealing, and he told her a few names of celebrities.

Then, she proceeded to open up about how some of her coworkers had admitted to finding some of their partners’ friends attractive. And this was when the situation became really sticky.

Apparently, his girlfriend straight-up asked him if he found any of her friends pretty. But, he understandably didn’t want to have that conversation, and he tried to tell his girlfriend that.

Well, she assured him that it wasn’t a “big deal” and even claimed to find one of his friends attractive. For some context, his girlfriend had never actually met that friend, but she’d seen photos of him and his friend together.

After that, he asked his girlfriend to drop the topic again, but she refused to stop.

“She wouldn’t drop it, so I got annoyed and said one of her friends, who I haven’t actually met but have seen photos of on social media,” he recalled.

“And I pointed out that there is a big difference between finding someone attractive and being attracted to them.”

Well, his girlfriend still got a bit defensive, claiming that she didn’t look anything like her friend. But honestly, he didn’t understand why that mattered since his girlfriend knew that he didn’t have a type.

Zamrznuti tonovi – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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