His Parents Sold Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of His Belongings Behind His Back To Help Fund His Uncle’s Heart Surgery

Fabio - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 18-year-old guy has always gotten along very well with his parents. But, upon returning home yesterday, he realized that his parents had really betrayed his trust.

Apparently, they went behind his back and sold both his PC and his peripherals, which cost about $2,700, without even telling him.

“All of which was paid for with my own money down to the last penny due to saving up some pretty nice winnings from my eSports tournaments I participated in,” he said.

So, he immediately confronted his mom, and she claimed to have done it for the sake of his uncle– who will be undergoing heart surgery soon.

His mom claimed that he needed to help pitch in for the procedure anyway, and she thought that selling his stuff would be “the fastest and easiest” way to get the funds.

However, he pointed out how his mom had completely forgotten about his bank account– which contains even more money from other tournaments he participated in.

He was so angry that it caused a lot of tension between him and his mom, too, and his dad opted not to step in.

“My father is completely neutral about the whole situation and refusing to get involved,” he revealed.

Yet, his mom tried to “villainize” him and started badmouthing him to the rest of his family– accusing him of not wanting to pitch in his savings to help out his uncle.

Fabio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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