His Siser-In-Law Announced That She Expected His Family To Buy Her Expensive Jewelry For Christmas

Victoria Andreas - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever gotten someone a nice, expensive gift at one point in the year and therefore got them something more lowkey for Christmas?

One man and his wife decided not to give his new sister-in-law an expensive Christmas gift since they already spent a lot of money on a sentimental wedding present for her. Now, his brother is furious with him.

Every Christmas, he and his wife like to give their mothers and sisters from both their families a nice, valuable piece of jewelry. He has a new sister-in-law this year since his brother recently got married.

“My family chipped in to pay for his wife’s bridal jewelry,” he explained.

“It was an expensive pearl and diamond set [and] I wasn’t planning to get her anything else other than a few small things for Christmas after that.”

Then, at Thanksgiving, his new sister-in-law announced to the family that she’d like some jewelry with red stones or rubies for Christmas. This was the first time anyone in his family had specifically asked for a piece of jewelry, and he was taken aback.

Because he and his wife had already spent so much money on her wedding jewelry, and because of her attitude, they decided they’d get his sister-in-law something less expensive.

Eventually, they picked out a purse to give her and thought that’d be appropriate. However, things just got more dramatic.

“Things went from bad to worse when my brother stopped by to ‘inspect the jewelry’ because his wife wanted something more colorful than pearls, and she wanted red stone,” he recalled.

Victoria Andreas – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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