His Wife Said She Wanted To Have Kids, But Just Not With Him

Maksim Shmeljov - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Marriage is a big deal, and it’s important to be ready. Love and attraction aren’t always enough to maintain a relationship.

Before getting married, you need to make sure you’re on the same page with your partner.

Aside from planning the wedding, there are many other topics you should discuss prior to tying the knot, such as whether or not you want kids.

A TikTok creator named Will Charter (@billysmarts) is talking about how he married a woman he met while on vacation, and after about eight years of marriage, she revealed that she did not want to have kids with him.

When he was 20-years-old, he went on a family vacation to Mykonos, Greece, at Paradise Beach. As he walked into a beach club, he saw a girl dancing on top of the bar. He turned to his sister and told her that the dancing girl was the woman of his dreams.

He then proceeded to spend the next three days with the girl, and they fell in love. Will had to go back to Australia to finish his schooling, but six months later, he moved to America to pursue a relationship with the girl.

A short while after that, they ended up getting married. Three years into the marriage, she told him that she wasn’t sure about whether or not she wanted to have kids.

At the time, it wasn’t really an issue, so they put the topic on the back burner.

Will figured that since she was young, she might change her mind about it eventually. Five and a half years into the marriage, the same question resurfaced. She said she still wasn’t sure about having kids.

Maksim Shmeljov – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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