If You Want To Get Married But Don’t Want A Large, Traditional Wedding, Her Are Some Fun Ways To Embrace A Small One

Anastasiia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Nowadays, it’s a lot more common for couples to choose to have a smaller, more intimate wedding than a big one. 

Sometimes, it’s a choice made for financial reasons, and other times, some couples are just a bit more introverted and want a special day with less complicated arrangements. 

So, if you plan on getting married but don’t want to celebrate with a large, traditional wedding, here are some fun ways to embrace a small, intimate wedding.

Ditch the reception for a family dinner.

After enjoying a small wedding ceremony, you don’t have to have a massive reception. Instead, book a reservation for yourselves and your nearest and dearest at your favorite restaurant!

Let the restaurant know in advance that you’re celebrating your wedding there so they can pull out all the stops. Sometimes, something as simple as enjoying a meal with your loved ones is the best way to cap off a special occasion.

Get married in your dream vacation destination.

When getting married, some people sacrifice the money they could use for traveling and spend it on a big, expensive wedding. But if you’d much rather travel to your dream vacation destination than book an expensive reception venue, travel with your future spouse, and have a small, low-budget wedding ceremony there! 

If you still want your closest friends and family there, let them know well in advance where you want to go so they can start planning how they’ll get there for your special day. 

Anastasiia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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