She Called Her Mom Ungrateful After She Bought Her Mom Flowers, A Cake, Lunch, And Planned To Foot The Bill For A Birthday Dinner

“But I said no because I think she’s aware of one of the gifts under the tree, which is her ‘big gift,'” she recalled.

Then, later in the afternoon, her mom broke a nail while looking for her phone. At that point, she suggested that her mom “treat herself” and get a manicure done for her birthday. However, her mom’s response to that totally caught her off guard.

“Well, I thought that you would’ve got me that as a birthday present, but you didn’t,” her mom replied.

Plus, her mom went on to insinuate that she didn’t actually get any presents for her mom like she “should have.”

So, at that point, she was furious and called her mom out.

“I told my mother that she was being ungrateful despite everything I have done for her,” she vented.

Still, her mom keeps trying to blame her, and she’s getting accused of ruining her mom’s birthday. Not to mention, her mom didn’t even want to go out to dinner anymore after their argument.

And now, she’s been left wondering if standing up for herself and calling out her mom’s behavior was really the wrong way to handle the situation.

How would you have felt after doing so much to make your mom’s birthday special? Do you agree that her mom was acting ungrateful? Did she have a right to call her mom out or not?

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