She Developed A Crush On Her English Professor While In College, And They’ve Now Been Dating For Four Years

Anton - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Sometimes, students nurse crushes on their teachers. On the other hand, teachers might also lust after their pupils. TikToker Natalie (@babydelreyy) is talking about how she fell in love with her college professor and the circumstances that led to their relationship.

It all started six years ago when Natalie first took her class. Immediately, she developed a huge crush on her. She took her English class for a semester, and during that time, nothing happened between them. So, she decided to make something happen.

A couple of years later, she took the next class she needed to fulfill her English requirements over the summer. Again, nothing happened, but Natalie did manage to borrow some books from her. She knew she needed to take advantage of the opportunity.

When the class was over, she emailed her professor, asking for her availability so she could return the books in person and make her move.

She told her just to leave them in her office. Natalie then said that she wanted to hand them to her personally so she could thank her for all her help during the semester. When she arrived to return the books, her professor was teaching a class. After the class ended, they got to chat and had the best conversation.

Their conversation lasted for an hour and a half. By its conclusion, she told Natalie not to be a stranger and to feel free to visit whenever. Of course, Natalie was going to take her up on her offer. The next day, she visited again, and they had another lengthy conversation.

As they were walking out of the classroom and back to their cars, Natalie tried to gather enough courage to ask for her phone number and invite her out to get some coffee.

She was way too scared, but luckily, her professor swept in, asking if they could exchange phone numbers and meet up at a coffee shop sometime. It was a while before they would actually hang out, but they texted each other consistently, sending pictures of their cats back and forth.

Eventually, they decided to go to a coffee shop. The vibes remained friendly, but Natalie got her hopes up when she moved a piece of hair out of her face.

Anton – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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