She Didn’t Quit Her Job After The Same Company Fired Her Boyfriend, And He’s Been Harboring Resentment Toward Her

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For a year and a half, this 34-year-old woman and her boyfriend, 46, worked at the same company.

She was at the company first, and when her boyfriend was laid off from his previous job, she brought up the idea of him applying to work at her company. He was offered a job, so they’ve both been working at this company ever since.

“In August of this year, he had been working a stressful contract out of town. The customer kept stringing the job along and wasn’t organized,” she said.

“He worked long days, and it was annoying, but it’s all a part of what we do: dealing with difficult people.”

Unfortunately, her boyfriend wasn’t able to cope with this work stress as well as other employees. Plus, there were anxiety-provoking situations going on involving tension with his family that didn’t help matters.

She and her boyfriend also had to move unexpectedly, so they had both been going through a lot during this time.

While her boyfriend was still on this work trip, he called her one day to let her know that he was kicked out of the work site, so their boss was coming to give him a ride back home.

“He said that he had gotten irritated and expressed frustration when someone asked him something in a disrespectful way,” she explained.

“I was told later that the customer claimed he had yelled and essentially threw a tantrum.”

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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