She Dined At Disney World’s Most Expensive Restaurant And Wound Up Spending Close To $2,500 On One Meal For Four People

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Most of us know that a trip to Disney World isn’t cheap, especially after adding things like park tickets, hotel rooms, transportation, etc.

While there are a ton of restaurant options at DisneyWorld, including more accessible restaurants, would you be willing to pay over $2,000 at a Disney World restaurant?

One TikTok user recently made a viral video about how she and three others spent almost $2,500 at the most expensive restaurant at Disney World, and it’s pretty interesting.

Bethany Vinton (@bethanyvinton is a TikTok content creator who makes a lot of Disney-related content and videos about the food that can be found at Disney World.

In September, Bethany was documenting her journey as she ate at every restaurant at DisneyWorld and visited Victoria & Albert’s, a high-end fine dining restaurant that’s considered the park’s most expensive restaurant.

Bethany described Victoria & Albert’s as the #1 spot on her restaurant bucket list, so she was very excited about this dinner. Along with three other guests, Bethany was seated in the dining room, where diners are given the option of prix fixe two menus to choose from: the dining room menu and the chef’s menu.

“The dining room menu is seven courses, and that is $295 per person,” explains Bethany.

“The chef’s menu is nine courses, and that is $375 per person.”

Bethany and everyone at her table decided to go with the chef’s menu, which, that night, included lavish dishes like caviar, king salmon, langoustine, and lamb.

russell102 – – illustrative purposes only

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