She Fell Running After Her Boyfriend In High Heels When He Dumped Her, And He Left Her On The Side Of The Road With A Broken Leg

He mentioned them living far away from one another before insisting they were no longer compatible.

She was so shocked by this that she burst into tears. Her boyfriend started walking down the street while she just stood there, and then she began running after him in an effort to get him to change his mind about breaking up. As she began heading after him, he started running away from her.

“I was wearing heels at the time, and I was running that fast my legs couldn’t keep up with the speed I was going, so I fell over quite hard,” she said.

“I could not get back up as my right knee and lower leg hurt too much. I was crying and screaming in pain that I needed help, and he just left me there.”

“My phone was dead at this point, so I waited, crying and yelling in agony until someone walked by and called me an ambulance. It turns out that I had a fractured tibia, and I had completely torn my meniscus and PCL (strongest ligament in the knee).”

Her boyfriend was listed as her emergency contact, so when she got to the hospital, they called her boyfriend and left a message for him, but he never called back.

The morning after she got hurt, he attempted to reach out to her and say that in the heat of the moment, he didn’t care at all what happened to her, but he felt bad after the fact.

Next, he asked her if they could stay friends, as he still cared about her, which just served to make her even more upset.

In the two months since that dreadful night, she has had to undergo reconstruction on her knee, and she cannot put any weight on that leg for the next six to ten weeks.

“He has recently messaged me saying how much he misses me and how incomplete his life feels without me,” she continued.

“He didn’t realize I had broken my leg and messed up the inside of my knee. However, I don’t think that’s any excuse. Personally, I think if he cared about me or had any human decency, he wouldn’t have left me crying in the middle of the road, unable to get up.”

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