She Forced Her Estranged Aunt To Leave Her Wedding After She Brought Other Family Members Against Her Wishes

Miramiska - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

If you have a large family, you sometimes feel obligated to invite certain relatives you aren’t close to or don’t have a relationship with to important events like weddings, even if you don’t want to.

One woman and her new husband recently got married in an exclusive location and only wanted close friends and family to be there. When her estranged aunt showed up with her family in tow, she made her leave early.

She’s 26 and married her husband three weeks ago. She’s from France, and her husband is from South Africa, so they decided to host an intimate wedding at a beautiful lodge where guests could see exotic wildlife.

They rented the lodge for two days, one for the wedding ceremony and the second for a post-wedding pool party. They did this to give a special treat to her relatives who had to travel a long way to make her wedding.

“We only invited 30 people, the people we love,” she explained.

“I had a huge argument with my aunt eight years ago, and we’ve cut ties ever since. But [while] doing the invitations, I thought about how close we used to be [and] I decided to invite her. There was no plus-one for anyone, so I only invited my aunt, not her partner or her kid, since I barely knew their names.”

Her aunt was very happy to be invited but quickly insisted that her partner and kid be allowed to attend the wedding. Soon enough, her mom took her aunt’s side and pressured her to allow her aunt’s entire family to come. 

She did her best to stand her ground, but her aunt became more persistent. Eventually, her aunt told her she’d buy her entire family tickets to South Africa for a family vacation during the wedding. Then, once her aunt had heard that some of her guests couldn’t make it anymore, she suggested that those spots be used for her family instead.

After more back and forth, she gave in and told her aunt that her partner and kid couldn’t attend the wedding but were allowed to join her for the pool party the next day.

Miramiska – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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