She Left Her Fiancé Alone In The Hospital After Declining To Pay His Bill To Be There

Mangostar - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever been in a relationship, whether it was a romantic one or with a friend or family member, where you gave the other person so much money to the point where you had to put your foot down and stop?

One woman, who’s been paying most of her fiancé’s living expenses for years, recently left him alone in a hospital after refusing to pay his bill.

She’s 26 and has been with her 28-year-old fiancé for three years. They have both agreed to combine their finances after getting married, so they’re still separating their money and accounts.

Although they each make around the same amount of money through work, she’s been paying a lot of his bills.

“He doesn’t pay when we eat out, he doesn’t pay for any fixes in our rental apartment, and he also doesn’t help with furniture and stuff,” she explained.

“I tried to have conversations about how I’m always supposed to foot the bill for almost everything. His excuse is that he’s been saving for a new apartment. [He’s] been saving up for 2 years now. But, he still has half his salary, which he uses on himself and buys gadgets and gaming stuff.”

Whenever she tries to express to her fiancé that his spending habits bother her, he gets defensive and says he can do whatever he wants with his money and that she should take it easy because he’s still allegedly saving up to move them into a new apartment.

Recently, an incident happened where she had to put her foot down and put an end to covering his expenses.

A few days ago, her fiancé called her and asked her to take him to a local hospital because it’s been hurting him for weeks.

Mangostar – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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