She Needs Her Mom, And Her Mom Needs Her, So She’s Spending Christmas On The Other Side Of The Country And Leaving Her Husband At Home

Ilona - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 39-year-old woman lives on the opposite side of the country from her family. She does have an older brother who lives much closer to home than she does, though he still needs to hop on a plane to get there.

Sadly, her dad passed away this fall after battling pancreatic cancer, and her 73-year-old mom is currently not doing well herself.

Her mom is having problems with her memory and language, and it’s a struggle for her mom to understand certain words or recall the names of things she uses every day.

After her dad passed away, her mom cognitively declined, and she is in the middle of getting a diagnosis; it’s either dementia or Alzheimer’s.

To add to the heartbreak, a week before Thanksgiving, her 42-year-old friend unexpectedly passed away, which devastated her.

Then, when Thanksgiving arrived, she and her husband stayed at home and had a quiet holiday with her in-laws while her own family was together across the country.

So, it’s super important to her to be able to fly home for Christmas, especially since she has two whole weeks off from work.

Her mom’s birthday is also a couple of days before Christmas, and her birthday is on New Year’s Day, and she would like to be with her family to celebrate.

She also is going to help her mom get their family home ready to be put on the market and then plan out where her mom will live from there.

Ilona – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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