She Purchased A Plane Ticket For Her Cousin To Visit Her, But She Was Furious After Learning He Invited A Friend To Come And Stay At Her House, Too, Without Asking First

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It’s super uncomfortable when a friend or family member takes it upon themselves to invite someone else to join you in the plans you made without asking for your permission first. 

One woman bought her cousin, who lives far away, a plane ticket to visit her but was very upset when she learned that he had invited a friend to join him and stay at her house.

She’s 23 and is very close with her cousin, who’s 20. They were raised together and have more of a sibling relationship. When she turned 18, she moved away from home and hasn’t been able to see her cousin nearly as much.

A few days ago, she and her cousin were catching up on Facetime when she suggested he fly out to visit her for a long weekend.

“I bought the plane ticket in full myself, but he does plan to pay for half of it,” she explained.

“I already have the time off [from] work approved for when he gets here, and I’ve been planning fun activities for us to do when he arrives. I live in a very popular vacation spot [and] yesterday he asked me if one of his friends could join him for the trip to my home and [said] that he already invited her.”

She was very taken aback, as her cousin never mentioned wanting to bring a friend when they were discussing planning a trip. She texted him that she was looking forward to one-on-one time with him and didn’t feel very comfortable sharing her small house with his friend since she was a stranger.

After she sent him her text, her cousin left her on “read” for most of the day, then told her that his friend’s mom had already bought her a ticket and they fully expected her to be able to pick them up from the airport and host them for the weekend.

“I told my cousin that his friend needs to look into securing sleeping and transportation accommodations or get a plane ticket refund, as I will not be providing her a place to stay or transportation to activities,” she recalled.

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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