She Recently Lost Her Mom In A Tragic Car Accident, But Now The Family Of Her Mom’s Late Best Friend Is Coming After Her For Her Inheritance

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As if losing a hard one wasn’t hard enough, it’s hard to imagine having to deal with pesky friends or relatives trying to take that loved one’s inheritance away from you while you’re trying to grieve. 

One young woman recently lost her mom and automatically inherited her mom’s late friend’s inheritance.

Now, the family of her mom’s friend is coming after the money. She’s 23 years old and recently lost her 50-year-old mom in a tragic car accident. 

“When my dad passed when I was 15, my mom and I moved,” she said.

“We managed to buy [the] smallest house in a nice neighborhood. Our next-door neighbor was Ella, who lived alone. She was divorced, and her two children lived several hours away.”

Ella and her mom became fast friends after finding out they weren’t only neighbors but also worked in the same building. As a kid, she would run things back and forth between her house and Ella’s, and Ella’s family would join them in celebrating every new year.

As she got older, she got a scholarship to attend college abroad and couldn’t visit home as much. Her mom would tell her stories of how Ella’s health was deteriorating, and she was in and out of the hospital. After graduating from college, she started going to grad school.

“I took a break from grad school and visited my mom in November,” she recalled.

“She got into a car accident a week after I went back. She clung to life for several days before leaving me forever. I am still grieving even as I have to settle all her affairs.”

racool_studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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