She Started Crying After Her Husband Shaved Her Head And Laughed, So Divorce Is On The Table

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Three years ago, this 31-year-old woman got married to her 30-year-old husband after dating for two years.

She characterizes their marriage as healthy and full of harmony. They also had their first child, a little girl, three months ago, but that hasn’t put a strain on them in the least.

Then something happened yesterday morning while they were both in the bathroom getting ready that changed her entire opinion of her husband.

She was standing at the bathroom sink, brushing her teeth, and her husband was directly next to her, shaving.

“Out of nowhere, he takes his electric razor and runs it through my head, shaving a part of my hair just above my forehead,” she explained.

“First, I thought he just pretended to do it but then saw a big chunk of my hair falling into the sink. I didn’t get a complete bald spot, but the damage is clearly visible (It’s important to know that I’ve always had long hair reaching the mid of my back, never cut it short, not alone got a buzzcut. My husband likes my long hair, too, and never told me to get a different haircut).”

“I totally freaked out and started crying and yelling at him while he was laughing. He told me it was just a prank, how it wasn’t a big deal, it was “just hair,” and that I could grow it out again.”

This launched an enormous argument between them, and he did ultimately say sorry for what he did while admitting it was a jerk move.

Her husband wouldn’t let up, though, on how it was entirely a joke and actually ridiculously funny.

WavebreakmediaMicro – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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