She Told Her In-Laws To Help Themselves To Drinks In The Fridge, But Her Boyfriend Said That Was “Extremely Rude” And She Should’ve Served Them

JackF - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 35-year-old woman has a 38-year-old boyfriend, and recently, he invited his whole family– a total of eight people– over to their house for dinner out of nowhere.

Her boyfriend didn’t even bother to ask if that was okay, either. Instead, he just told her that his family was on their way over, and 10 minutes later, people started to arrive.

So, her boyfriend volunteered to prepare a simple meal– even though he didn’t know how to cook it, and he knew that she did.

Regardless, she refused to help her boyfriend out because, for starters, he never specifically asked her to.

Second, she doesn’t like being volunteered. And lastly, the meal her boyfriend wanted to make was spaghetti– which she thought was not difficult to figure out. Anyway, her boyfriend’s family arrived, and she began socializing with them.

“I even got up and helped with the garlic bread and made the salads for everyone,” she recalled.

She also made it clear that everyone in her boyfriend’s family had been to their house before, and they were all able-bodied adults except for one child.

So, she eventually told everyone to “make themselves at home,” claiming that she had a lot of water and soda in the fridge. Then, she told her in-laws that they could help themselves to any drinks in the fridge.

Well, while she thought that was perfectly fine to say, her boyfriend totally disagreed, and they wound up getting into a massive fight about it the following day.

JackF – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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